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Traditional healing for a modern world...
Relax Your Mind

A blend of precious, organic essentials oils and botanicals to help calm your mind, relax your body, and release your stress. Used for centuries by traditional shamans in Peru.

Open Your Heart

Intentionally picked plants, from the hills of North Wales, away from chemical pollutants. Every plant brings its own unique healing and relaxing properties.

Awaken Your Soul

Energetically processed, using traditional shamanic teachings; Source Pusanga brings you into connection with your truest self, giving you a calming sense of stillness within.

What is Source Pusanga

Source Pusanga is a traditional shamanic atmospheric spray used in healing rituals for centuries by Peruvian Shamans. An intuitive blend of botanicals and precious essential oils, intentionally picked and energetically processed, to bring you into connection with your truest self and produce a calming sense of stillness within.

What our tribe say...

" smell it only for a few minutes, it's not at all invasive or harsh like some 'pillow' type essential oils, but when you move slightly it almost gives a gentle reassuring waft. It's a beautiful product." ~ Anne Marie


"I use it for anxiety, and it's been such a little life saver. Such an amazing product." ~ Sara Cheeney

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