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Our Story

Traditional healing for a modern world...


Matthew and Adam first met Javier and Jess, the Shamans from Spiritual Dimensions in Peru, during their Reiki and Breathwork training with Penny Quaile-Pearce at Acorn to Oak International School of Energy Medicine in 2009.

This is where they first learned the traditional process of making Pusanga, a traditional medicine spray used for generations by Peruvian Shamans in their healing practices and ceremonies.

Ever since they have been making Pusanga for themselves, their families, friends and using Pusanga on clients in their Breathwork and Reiki practices. Clients who overwhelmingly comment on its relaxing and calming properties.

In 2021 one such client, Sara Cheeney, was so impressed by the relief she felt from using Pusanga for her anxiety, she asked if some could be made for a cancer charity she co-founded....


...and so, Source Pusanga, was born. Matthew and Adam began sourcing the best organic ingredients, the purest organic essential oils, and finding locations to handpick the cleanest botanicals, far away from environmental pollutants.

Everything we do at Source Pusanga adheres to the traditional shamanic teachings, and pays absolute reverence to the sacred process.

The first few bottles packaged and ready to go into the care boxes being provided for patients entering chemotherapy.

A few bottles also began their journey home, to Peru, where it all began...


"This Pusanga is made just according to the teachings and has all the essential flowers, so they are very happy with the way you have applied the teachings from Javier and Jessica"

It is our greatest honour to have Source Pusanga sitting on the Altar at Spritual Dimensions.

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